FANTASY HOCKEY JOURNAL offers a variety of hockey and sports contests. FHJ has offered fantasy hockey leagues at Yahoo since 2001. FHJ fantasy leagues at Yahoo in football and baseball are also regular features. A Fantasy Hockey Journal golf league at Yahoo made it's debut in 2007.

     FANTASY HOCKEY JOURNAL "BRO"(Bragging Rights Only) hockey pools are offered every year with one pool for the regular season and one for the playoffs.

     During the NHL lockout of 2004-05, Fantasy Hockey Journal ran the "European Leagues Hockey Pool" to fill the void. (Entrants picked NHL players who were playing in Europe during the lockout.)

     In addition to FHJ's baseball leagues at Yahoo, this site has offered a "Sluggers3" baseball contest (based on home runs).

     Donated prizes have been given to some of the winners of Fantasy Hockey Journal's leagues, pools and contests. These prizes have included caps and hats from the Fantasy Hockey Journal Shop and sports items from site supporters.

     Entrants for the Fantasy Hockey Journal Classic leagues at Yahoo in hockey, baseball and football are selected by the webmaster of this site. "Fill-ins" for the Classic leagues and entrants for the other leagues offered come from those who enter after hearing about the leagues in Fantasy Hockey Journal's Site Update newsletter. (Sign up for Site Updates here!)

     We're always looking for good sports to play with us!

-Randy Steinman

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